The Perishable Husk (Sculpture Class)
Memories, Fiction, Artifacts, Foolishness,
Dreams, Objects, Value, Chance, Accidents,
Form and Attachment in Art. 

Conceptual Oregon Performance School, Portland, OR
July 2016

In this class we will attempt to relinquish clinging to doubt and need through an open, adaptable and sustainable art practice.

This is a sculpture class. We will explore how materials and form are transformed in to artifacts.  We will regard sculptures as objects that can act as markers of time and space, hold symbolic meaning and express the residual evidence of their making.   

We will create sculptures both collaboratively and individually while investigating the parallel paths of writing,  photography and interpersonal dynamics.  These sculptures will be made using rudimentary materials, tools and building techniques in the spirit of an economy of means and efficiency of results.  The valuing of process with outcome will be subjective and relative.

This class requires some reading, conversations and a willingness to work collaboratively.  No building or material skills are necessary.  

This class is anti-competitive and anti-expert. There will be no awards and no VIPs.

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